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There are two methods of doing the NuLean weight-loss/detox program. There is a 7-day program (called Phase 1) and there is a 21-day program (called Miracle Slim Down).
Download the instructions here for both the 7-day and 21-day program. If you wish to do only the 7-day program then simply follow the first 7 days of the instructions (Phase 1). If you want to lose more weight after the first 7 days then it is recommended that you do the 21-day program following the 7-day program. If you are doing the 21-day program then follow the downloaded instructions completely.

If you wish to lose additional weight after doing the 21-day program then simply repeat the 21-day program. After doing two 21-day programs two times in a row, if you still wish to lose more weight, than take a one week break and do another 21-day program. During your week break continue with the good eating habits you learned on the program. Eat mostly protein and vegetables and avoid processed foods, sugars, excess fruit, junk food and sweets. This cycle of two 21-day programs in a row, week break, can be repeated as many times as needed to lose all the weight you desire.

NuLean Patient Manual

Everything you need to know about using the NuLean System including instructions, FAQ, how to achieve lasting weight loss results, etc.

Download Manual

NuLean Cookbook

Do you have a hard time figuring out healthy meals and dishes to go with your new diet? And what about once you have reached your ideal weight? Well, this cookbook shows you what you can eat.

Download Book

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